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The First Sale Occurred September 29, 2014.  Yes, 2014!
(And This App Is STILL Generating Passive Income - More On This Later)

250 Units In Just 19 Days!

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Doubled That 11 Days Later!

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... It's Now Just November 9, 2014:

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Over 1,000 App Downloads & A Full-Time Income Earned
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But Let's Not Forget Google Play!

All This Time We've Only Focused On The iTunes Powerhouse...
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I'll break my silence & identify the exact app that's resulted in thousands of downloads, generated tens of thousands of dollars in pure profit, and continues to produce respectable residual monthly income with NO ongoing effort whatsoever (despite being launched in 2014 & being largely ignored completely ever since!).

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I'll take you on a highly insightful journey, investigating the precise niche we so easily exploited and now extract cash from on auto-pilot. Your mind will spin with possibilities as you parlay what I'm about to tell you into a near-infinite list of app ideas. This niche is hiding in plain sight... and you'll wonder how you've missed it.

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I'll pull back the curtain & let you peek over my shoulder as I cruise through my accounts. Far from being restricted to screenshots, we'll take a live video screencapture as I move through the app accounts... nothing secretive, nothing hidden - you'll get to see it just as we do!

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I'll next de-mystify the app-creation process. Now knowing my app by name, and appreciating the niche that's ripe for the picking - not to mention cruising thru our app accounts like you own them - we'll discuss software. Ironically, I'll tell you exactly what software allowed a guy (who's never even held an iPhone in his hand) to create an app... that thousands of people would download using one!

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While Many Online Entrepreneurs Keep Secret Their Real Money Makers,
We're Gonna Show You - In Broad Daylight - Precisely The App That Had
Thousands Of Smart Phone Users Pulling Out Their Wallets & Purses...

... In A World Where People Are Spoiled By A Sea Of FREE Apps, No Less

We'll Start Methodically With App Identification... Then It's A Simple Journey Of:

  • 1.Exploration
  • 2.Investigation
  • 3.Revelation
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30-Day Risk Free Trial

Easy App Cash has a 30-day, no-questions-asked guarantee.

If you aren’t happy for any reason, just let us know and we’ll give you your money back.

We obviously don’t think it’ll come to that, but if you’re even the least bit worried if this is as promised, then put your mind at ease.

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With tens of thousands of dollars in revenue, who would whine about spending a few grand in marketing costs to get there?  But how much better if you can truly get street traction for ZERO Dollars and keep all you earn?  Seriously, I never thought I'd live to see the day gross income IS net income - but we pulled it off (and it was so simple it will shock you)!

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Easy App Cash (JV Zoo Discount)

Hold On A Second!  QUESTION - How Can You Actually SELL An App When People Are Used To Free App Downloads & Developers Generally Have To Fight For Scraps Hoping For Income From In-App Purchases Or An Ad Mob Pittance?


Great Question - And It's At The Heart Of The Counter-Culture Mindset I Teach In Easy App Cash.  Remember, I've Never Owned A Cell Phone - EVER - In My Entire Life (Not Even An Old-School "Flip Phone," Let Alone Smart Phone).  [Disclaimer: I did once use a pager when I was a youth counselor before doing my Ph.D. work in Clinical Psychology]

You're Too Close To It To See It.  But, As 1 Of Maybe 3 Remaining People On The Planet Who Don't Own Cell Phones, I'm Literally The ONLY Person On God's Green Earth Who Can Teach You From My Unique Perspective & World View.  And You Can Take A Test Drive Of My Easy App Cash Method, TODAY, Risk-Free...

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But Wait!

We Promised Ongoing, Passive Residual Income, Didn't We?

While moving 1,000 units in under 2 months is great, there's nothing like moving on with your life knowing that your 100% FREE "Advertising" methods are spawning download after download after download... all on auto-pilot, all effortlessly in the background!

Critics Claimed Those 1,000 Units Were The Extent Of It... That It Had Run It's Course ►(We Claimed We Were Just Getting Started At The 2 Month Mark - CLICK HERE To See Who Was Right 1 Year In)

We Blew The Doors Off The Hinges:
With ZERO Ad Spend...

$25k On Autopilot...

... And We Literally IGNORED This Thing After Launching It!

Easy App Cash (JV Zoo Discount)

And, To Be Fair, We Didn't Even Have The App Live On All The Platforms At All Times!


Have A Look At The
Google Play Data...

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... And Here's Where We
Were With Amazon!

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Then For Sure Things Would Fizzle Out After A Whole Year, No?

But Far From "Blowing In, Blowing Up & Blowing Out"...
This Thing Just Won't Stop Attracting New Users:

Still Not Sure?

Let Me Invite You To Click On The Strawberries I'm Holding.
I'd Like To Have A Word With You In Private.
See, This Is Really About More Than Building A Profitable App.
It's Actually About More Than Money Itself.

Seriously, Just Click The Berries...
I Shot A Fox & I Want You To See It...

Listen up - My name is Scott Talbert and many of you know me as the attorney who authored the Website Legal Pages (thousands of folks around the planet use them). Or maybe you've seen the pic of me & former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft in Strasbourg, France when I was with him at the European Court of Human Rights & European Centre for Law & Justice.

That seems like ages ago.

While I can still draft an irrevocable, discretionary, beneficiary-taxed, asset protection dynasty trust with spendthrift provisions (along with a number Limited Liability Companies with Charging Order Protection), the reality is that I'm more likely to appear on an episode of Doomsday Preppers (and look like a long lost cousin to the Duck Dynasty clan) than do legal work.

Seriously, my wife & I have "checked out," and are simply enjoying life on our 135-acre farm & ranch in the foothills of the Ozarks. I work from home and my wife homeschools Jonathan, Joshua, Josiah, Judah, and Jedidiah.  It's a simple life - one we enjoy - and recently taken up horticulture and currently have 25,000 strawberry plants with two wholesale contracts with regional grocers as my "part to play" in the local food movement.

So, these days you're more likely to find me playing on the bulldozer, stalking a fox I spotted sauntering across the sheep pasture... or in my home office developing an app while still in my jammies and not having shaved in over a year.  The point to all of this is that this "latitude of luxury" to enjoy the time freedom to embrace these pursuits comes directly from online income sources that help me own my calendar.

I want to challenge you to take the bull by horns, engage Easy App Cash, and set yourself free from the chains that bind you and keep you from living your dreams!

Easy App Cash (JV Zoo Discount)

OVER 3 Years Later...
& Closing In On A Combined $50K In Sales...

The Easy App Cash Method Is STILL Churning Downloads
After More Than 5 THOUSAND People
Have Already Lined Our Pockets!


(Just Think If We'd Actually Put Forth Some Effort!)

There's No Denying The Easy Auto-Pilot Income, But Why Is Easy App Cash So Cheap?

Actually, it's not cheap - it's inexpensive.  As you'll see in the Member's Lounge, this is one of the quickest, easiest ways to make money online.  The approach taken is rock solid, well-proven to work wonders, and so easy to imitate.  And you'll learn everything you need to know so you can take action.

Can I Ask You To Be Honest With Me For A Moment? How Much Money Did You Make With Your "Online Business" Last Month (Or Last Year)... And How Much Time (And Money) Did You Spend Earning It?

Look at what this ONE app earned across time... and remember this is something that was launched OVER 3 YEARS AGO! You've heard promises of "passive, residual income..." but this is the first time anyone's ever showed it to you.  And we simply want this to be affordable & within the reach of everyone.

You're About To Access The Inner-Workings Of A Legit Money-Making Method For Just A Few Bucks, And You Can Do Better Than Us Just By Not Ignoring It Like We Did - THIS IS What You've Been Waiting For!

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Spoiler Alert On The Next Page, Assuming You Make It That Far, I'll Show You About Our "Unpaid Affiliate" Approach...


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YES! I Want Instant Access Now! I understand that I'll receive instant access to:

As you've seen, Easy App Cash is not just a spoke in the wheel.  It's not another plugin or piece of software... or lead gen tactic or paid ad tutorial... or affiliate training or SEO trick, tip, tactic or technique that solves one problem while leaving you to deal with 17 more.  It's not a single checkbox on a long list of things that have to be done before you can begin making money online.  Quite the contrary, Easy App Cash is a simple, yet powerful, complete income-generating system that's easy to imitate & allows for "set & forget" passive income (the kind often promised, but seldom realized).

  • MODULE 1 - IDENTIFICATION: A formal introduction to the exact app that had people busting out their credit & debit cards and pushing money into our bank account while we went on with our lives
  • MODULE 2 - EXPLORATION: An exploratory journey into the niche we exploited, complete with examples & references to illustrate how & why it was so easy extract cash from customers
  • MODULE 3 - INVESTIGATION: A no-holds-barred look inside our actual app accounts so you can see for yourself all the metrics and appreciate how this is far more than mere theory
  • MODULE 4 - REVELATION: A hand-held, full disclosure on the little-known, yet robust, software we were able to leverage in order to easily & effectively create an app people would gladly pay for

DELIVERY: I'll make everything easily accessible by you 24-7 in a secure, password-protected "Member's Lounge" on the new Product Dyno membership management system!  You'll be able to login whenever you want & tap this one-of-a-kind income system you can plagiarize & piggy-back for profits.


Profit Maximizer

  • We literally spent nothing on advertising - NADA, ZILCH...
  • Not only did it save us a ton of money, but it also saved us a truckload of time (there was NO CAMPAIGN TO MANAGE)
  • So we're gonna tell you all about the method we used to generate nearly $50,000.00 from more than 5,000 people so you can imitate not only the app MANUFACTURING, but also the app MARKETING!
Just $27

Easy App Cash (JV Zoo Discount)

Still Not Sure? I Understand - COMPLETELY! Money Is Replaceable, Time Isn't... So, You Cannot Afford To Waste Any. So, CLICK HERE To See Something Rather Embarrassing ►(Hint: You'll Shake Your Head In Complete & Utter Disbelief)

See, The Money Only Matters If YOU
Can Make It Too, So Listen Close:
The Most Important Point I Can Make
I Was To Do This!

Look at how I had to lean on my sister to sort out even the most basic of smart phone lingo:

Here you can see I'm both green and wet behind the ears.

I'm looking to bum a download off my sister from the Google Play store.

You can tell she's a bit shocked I'm launching an app and don't have an Android, let alone ANY cell phone...

... and the only thing perhaps more perplexing is the fact that my business partner was ALSO ill-equipped!

Anyway, that was a dead-end... since she only had an iPhone.

Seriously, the hardest part was getting up to speed on smart phone terminology & technology...
something even 97% of people in 3rd-world countries ALREADY know!

Here's the bottom line:

  • I'm one of only 3 people in the U.S. without a cell phone... (even my parents have one), so it's likely you have a smart phone
  • I'd also bet you have one or more apps on your smart phone
  • Chances are that, regardless of whether you have an Apple device or an Android or whatever... you are at least aware the others exist (and thus won't have to bug your sister for an education on the foundational basics)
  • So, unless you're only phone is plugged into a wall & you spend your day chasing foxes down by the creeks, you're 95% of the way there to Easy App Cash

7,130% More Money
Than Just The Sale Of The App!

The Only Thing Better Than Having
A Constant Stream Of NEW Customers
Giving You Money Once...
... Is OLD Customers
Giving You Money EVERY MONTH!

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On The Next Page (If You Choose To Join Me There), I'll Reveal For FREE What Technology Allowed Us To Turn A $10 App Purchase Into A Customer Worth Over $700!

Easy App Cash (JV Zoo Discount)

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