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If The Professional-Level "Replication Edition"
Upgrades You From An Axe To A Chainsaw,
Our Premier-Level "Duplication Edition"
Catapults You To A Caterpillar D10 BULLDOZER!


I'll Never Forget The First Time I Inched Forward On A Bulldozer And Obliterated The Tree Standing In My Path!

The "Duplication Edition" is called our Premier Level for a reason: it's truly first class (a class of its own, in fact).  Don't get me wrong, slinging a chainsaw & slaying the forest to impose your will on the land and take dominion over the Earth (and, say, put in a berry patch) is quite fulfilling.  But let's face it, a dozer is a lot more fun... and a lot less work.  Thus the analogy here.  Sometimes it's the little things that make a big difference.  And our goal for you as a Premier Easy App Cash Member is to have us help you with a number of little "peripheral" things that you'll be glad you don't have to figure out - or even manage - all your own!

MODULE 1: e-Cover App Images Library


As with all digital goods, people cannot deploy their senses to get excited about your products.  When your customers can't touch, hear, etc. what you have to offer, it's CRITICAL to appeal to them by what they see!  We'll show you the graphics that were good enough to convince over 5,000 people to buy!


MODULE 2: "Sell Now, Build Later"


See how we were able to begin selling immediately after the app was ready on one platform, while basically pre-selling the app on remaining platforms - before it even existed!  This tip alone will allow you to get outta the gates quickly & build momentum, without "perfection paralysis" stopping you from seeing fast results!


MODULE 3: App Idea Generator


With our App Idea Generator, we'll help ensure you don't get "painted into a corner," thinking you have to emulate our app in order to be successful.  We'll share several radically distinct different "niches" where apps are currently being used.  It'll broaden your perspectives as to the types of apps you can create (not to mention ways to monetize them)!



Easy App Cash - Premier: Duplication Edition

MODULE 4: "Lazy Content Creation"


Discover how we were able to bring excellent value and make our app all the more useful simply by leveraging yet more existing content.  By doing this simple technique, we ensured the app remained contemporaneous, relevant, and central to our customers' day-to-day experience!


MODULE 5: Ad Copy Made Easy


In Module 5 you'll be blown away with how we were able to generate some of our best results using quick & easy FaceBook ads that cost nothing, required no creativity, and produced sales WITHOUT compelling "ad copy!"  This is "posturing" at its finest... and feels so good to execute!


MODULE 6: Silver Platter Traffic


"Silver Platter Traffic" highlights a clever way to exploit free traffic on auto-pilot by leveraging the resources of third parties (which is always pleasant!).  You'll see how we didn't even have to pursue the traffic source, and how you can easily position your apps to benefit from downloads that happen when you "play in the traffic!"


Easy App Cash - Premier: Duplication Edition

Getting Taught The Basics By My Baby Sister:


So here you can see that I literally had to wade through all of this in a steep, steep learning curve.

I didn't know anything about these Apple IDs and all that crap.

My sister was trying to make it all make sense.

I just wanted to test the download.

All the frills, fluff & details is a mere distraction - let's just get the thing tested & start selling!

Surely YOU'D Be Much More
Comfortable Working In This Space, No?


  BONUS 1: Advanced Monetization Methods

In this first BONUS, which alone is worth the price of admission, we'll show you how we increased per-customer revenue by 7,130% & sent our lifetime customer value into the stratosphere with a recurring monthly subscription that has customers spending more EACH & EVERY month than they spent for the one-off app purchase!

Advanced Monetization Methods

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 "Killer Content Made Simple"

In Other Words, As An Easy App Cash "Proficient" Member, We're Opening Up Our "Digital File Cabinets" And Sharing With You Everything You Need To Know About The Niche Industry We've Exploited.  So, You're All Set To "Imitate" Our Success, But These Additional Resources Will Help You "Replicate" Our Success

Killer Content Made Simple

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For The First Time In A Long Time,
We're Bringing Back The Thrive Flight Check!


Save Up To $100 On Your Next Airfare...
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Easy App Cash - Premier: Duplication Edition

Here's A Breakdown Of The Features & Benefits
Of An Easy App Cash Premier Level Upgrade


So, let's briefly recap here...

The "Imitation Edition" you already have gives you a Proficient level of ability to "imitate" our success... as you now know our app, how we made it, and what we did to "advertise" it.

The "Replication Edition" you may have picked up makes you a Professional, able to "replicate" our success... taking advantage of the chance to copy our campaigns, fully exploit our free marketing methods to amplify sales, leverage multiple app-creation methods, and maximize social media for top profit.

The "Duplication Edition," now offered as your final upgrade opportunity, takes things to a whole new level.  If you feel it's worth a tiny amount of additional money, you can now tap every remaining tip, trick, tactic & technique I could think of to assemble for you.  Let's have a look:

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
MODULE 1: e-Cover App Images Library
MODULE 2: "Sell Now, Build Later"
MODULE 3: App Idea Generator
MODULE 4: "Lazy Content Creation"
MODULE 5: Ad Copy Made Easy
MODULE 6: Silver Platter Traffic
BONUS #1: Advanced Monetization Methods
BONUS #2: Killer Content Made Simple
Premier-Level Only Benefit: $100 "Easy App Cash" Flight Check


  • MODULE 1: e-Cover App Images Library
  • MODULE 2: "Sell Now, Build Later"
  • MODULE 3: App Idea Generator
  • MODULE 4: "Lazy Content Creation"
  • MODULE 5: Ad Copy Made Easy
  • MODULE 6: Silver Platter Traffic
  • BONUS #1: Advanced Monetization Methods
  • BONUS #2: Killer Content Made Simple
  • Premier-Level Only Benefit: $100 "Easy App Cash" Flight Check
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Easy App Cash - Premier: Duplication Edition

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Easy App Cash has a 30-day, no-questions-asked guarantee.

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We obviously don’t think it’ll come to that, but if you’re even the least bit worried if this is as promised, then put your mind at ease.

Oh Yeah...
Remember The 7,130% More Money?

Premier-Level Members Are In A Position To Literally Create A "Duplicate" Of Our Success...
Right Down To The Advanced Monetization Methods
We Used To Make The Sale Of The App Look Like Chump Change!

The Best Part Isn't Even The App Revenue...
It's The Money Happy Customers Will Pay You
For Years To Come For Additional Products & Services!

An App-Centered Customer Base Gives You A Distinct Advantage Over A Same-Sized Email List!

You Can Reach Them With Push Notifications Right Where They Live - On Their Smart Phones!

Only $77
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Inside The Premier E.A.C. Member's Lounge (If You Choose To Join Me There), I'll Reveal What A $10 App Customer Gladly Paid $400 For... And Why She Continue To Send Us Money Each Month!

Easy App Cash - Premier: Duplication Edition

Just $77

No Thank You - I'd rather have $77 or so still in my pocket than be able to copy/paste your proven campaigns, explore additional software solutions you're currently using to be sure I'm using the best one, and discover how you got your paying customers to generate free valuable content while ensuring their friends also bought your app... not to mention access the 10-Volume Library of Social Media Marketing Videos so I can take your "free ad" method to new heights.  So I'll CLICK HERE to pass up this "Professional" upgrade opportunity & instead access my "Proficient" package.

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